FOCUS welcomes our new Chair

Paul Washbourne  Munich Re

I’m honoured that the Committee are entrusting me with the Chair and we are looking forward to bringing you an array of exciting and informative presentations and entertainment.  I’ll be ably assisted by Blair Dinwoodie as Vice Chair.

I’ve been a committee member for nearly 10 years now and that time has flown by.  Clearly I’m still having fun!  I’d like to thank Fiona for her leadership over the last few years and congratulate her on the quality of the presentations and events, which she will continue to support as a valued committee member.  I’d also like to thank Dave Pidgin for the many years he has dedicated to FOCUS as he steps down from the committee, but will remain an avid supporter and we will continue to see him at our events.  And I’d like to welcome Simone Miller, whom I’ve very pleased to say is joining us on the committee.