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Need a break from a text book or a complicated case assessment?

Why not relax by performing coronary artery surgery or a heart transplant without leaving your seat or even “scrubbing up”?

Option 1 – click here

The BBC website also has many pages which deal with the human body;

BBC – click here

In addition, following the example of the Select 74 website, there are a number of online tutorials which  may be of interest to underwriters and claims assessors;

Medline Plus – Interactive Health Tutorials
These medical tutorials are aimed at patients but may be useful as a learning aid.  The tutorials uses animated graphics to explain common medical conditions and diagnostic procedures.  click here

BMJ Learning
This site includes a number of online modules aimed at doctors but these are useful for underwriters and claims assessors too. Many  tutorials require a subscription but there are many good ones available for free (just look up the “Free” module selection after taking 2 minutes to register to use the service). click here

Heart Valve Tutorials

Interested in valvular heart disease?

Have a look here

The FOCUS committee will add further games or tutorials when we can but if you are aware of safe sites which may be suitable to share with others then please email links to  Happy learning!

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