Past Presentations

20/01/2011Louise Ockenden & Sean WhiteGhillie DhuWelfare Reform
24/11/2011Claire HenshallThe Roxburghe HotelDepression
27/03/2012Zoe Belcher, Nigel Mead & Alex IstedThe CavesE-Solutions
19/06/2012Dr CoxCity ChambersCancer: Early Detection
19/06/2012Prof Robert RubensCity ChambersCI Definition Difficulties
19/06/2012Dr Andreas ArmussCity ChambersCancer – Advances in Treatment and the Impact on Underwriting and Claims
19/06/2012Dr Chris DerryCity ChambersNeurology
19/06/2012Peter Banthorpe & Yunus PiperdyCity ChambersThe Changing CI Proposition
20/09/2012Tom GreenThe Scotsman HotelClaims Assessor and Underwriters’ Survey Results
20/09/2012Tom GreenThe Scotsman HotelGP’s Survey Results
20/09/2012Dr Margaret McCartneyThe Scotsman HotelThe Problems with Screening, Evidence and Politics
04/06/2014John LambertApex HotelHIV/AIDS – Insurung the “uninsurable”
01/10/2014Carl Paget & Paul ReddickGhillie DhuFocus on Critical Illness
22/01/2015Phil CleverleyMerchants’ HallABI Statement of Best Practice for CI+
22/01/2015Paul BlythMerchants’ HallProton Beam Radiation Therapy
10/09/2015David NewmanThe Carlton HotelChronic Pain Abilities Determination
21/01/2016Dr Marie O’DonnellMerchants’ HallRisky Breasts and the Pathologist
09/06/2016Dr Anna Williams & Dr Dave LyonsApex HotelMultiple Sclerosis – Successes, Challenges and Hope
09/06/2016Paul Hunt & Paul BlythApex HotelCase study UW 1
09/06/2016Paul Hunt & Paul BlythApex HotelCase study Claims 1
09/06/2016Paul Hunt & Paul BlythApex HotelCase study Claims 2
06/10/2016Professor Sir Harry BurnsRoyal Society Of EdinburghHealth and Wellbeing In Scotland
06/10/2016Dr Richard WellerRoyal Society Of EdinburghSun, Death and Dermatologists
06/10/2016Dr Shareen Forbes & Professor Kevin DochertyRoyal Society Of EdinburghNew and Future Therapies For Type 1 Diabetes
26/01/2017Nancy GreigApex HotelA Personal Journey Through IBD
26/01/2017Dr Ian ArnottApex HotelInflammatory Bowel Disease
08/06/2017Dr Jeremy SayerRoyal College Of SurgeonsCardiology
09/11/2017Scott Cadger & Tony BainbridgeApex HotelEverything Changes But You
22/02/2018Dr Russell Lane and Paul BlythApex HotelDementia
14/06/2018Dr MaffiaGlasshouse HotelAtherosclerosis – The World’s Worst Serial Killer
14/06/2018Julie ScottGlasshouse HotelCHD – The Killer Questions

Neil Southwick
Leonora Miles
Richard Manson
Alasdair Watt

Royal Society Of EdinburghCancer and Vulnerable Customers
04/10/2018Support In Mind Scotland  

Sarah-Jayne Whitson

Royal Society Of EdinburghPresentation unavailable but link below is a useful resource to help manage stress and build resilience in the workplace. It includes the Wellbeing Workplan as referenced in Sarah-Jayne’s presentation.   


Managing stress and building resilience in the workplace

14/10/2018Paul HuntRoyal Society Of EdinburghSetting The Scene
24/01/2019Bryan ConwayApex HotelKidney Disease Part 1
24/01/2019Bryan ConwayApex HotelKidney Disease Part 2
05/05/2022Prof Angus HunterTeamsFOCUS Webinar – What’s the future for contact sports_-20220505_160402-Meeting Recording.mp4
26/01/2023James BlackwoodApex

AI to Digital Healthcare – Transforming Healthcare with AI

26/10/2023Dr GibbApexDiabetes
25/01/2024ABI (Will Meredew, Jakob Strandgaard, Alastair Rodd)ApexA dialogue With The ABI

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