Focus On The Heart

24 November 2011

FOCUS would like to thank Dr Mark Westwood and Dr John Delfosse for their excellent presentation on 24 November 2011. Focusing on the heart Dr Westwood revealed the science behind the subject and Dr Delfosse related this to his own personal history of heart disease and treatment. It was an enlightening and honest account that was warmly received by the audience.

Gen Re kindly provided both Dr Mark Westwood and Dr John Delfosse, both of whom work for them in a CMO capacity.

We were delighted to announce the return of Scotland’s premier mentalist; Drew McAdam, and he did not disappoint. Drew memorised and confused us with his combination of trickery, suggestion, observation and mind skills.

Can I thank Partner Re and Medicals Direct Group for sponsoring the return of Drew McAdam. Their support is very much appreciated.



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