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New to the FOCUS committee

FOCUS would like to welcome Richard McKenna to the committee. Richard joins us from Legal & General and brings with him years of underwriting experience and opinion.

Past Presentations





Date Presenter(s) Venue Presentation
20/01/2011 Louise Ockenden & Sean White Ghillie Dhu Welfare Reform
24/11/2011 Claire Henshall The Roxburghe Hotel Depression
27/03/2012 Zoe Belcher, Nigel Mead & Alex Isted The Caves E-Solutions
19/06/2012 Dr Cox City Chambers Cancer: Early Detection
19/06/2012 Prof Robert Rubens City Chambers CI Definition Difficulties
19/06/2012 Dr Andreas Armuss City Chambers Cancer – Advances in Treatment and the Impact on Underwriting and Claims
19/06/2012 Dr Chris Derry City Chambers Neurology
19/06/2012 Peter Banthorpe & Yunus Piperdy City Chambers The Changing CI Proposition
20/09/2012 Tom Green The Scotsman Hotel Claims Assessor and Underwriters’ Survey Results
20/09/2012 Tom Green The Scotsman Hotel GP’s Survey Results
20/09/2012 Dr Margaret McCartney The Scotsman Hotel The Problems with Screening, Evidence and Politics
04/06/2014 John Lambert Apex Hotel HIV/AIDS – Insurung the “uninsurable”
01/10/2014 Carl Paget & Paul Reddick Ghillie Dhu Focus on Critical Illness
22/01/2015 Phil Cleverley Merchants’ Hall ABI Statement of Best Practice for CI+
22/01/2015 Paul Blyth Merchants’ Hall Proton Beam Radiation Therapy
10/09/2015 David Newman The Carlton Hotel Chronic Pain Abilities Determination
21/01/2016 Dr Marie O’Donnell Merchants’ Hall Risky Breasts and the Pathologist
09/06/2016 Dr Anna Williams & Dr Dave Lyons Apex Hotel Multiple Sclerosis – Successes, Challenges and Hope
09/06/2016 Paul Hunt & Paul Blyth Apex Hotel Case study UW 1
09/06/2016 Paul Hunt & Paul Blyth Apex Hotel Case study Claims 1
09/06/2016 Paul Hunt & Paul Blyth Apex Hotel Case study Claims 2
06/10/2016 Professor Sir Harry Burns Royal Society Of Edinburgh Health and Wellbeing In Scotland
06/10/2016 Dr Richard Weller Royal Society Of Edinburgh Sun, Death and Dermatologists
06/10/2016 Dr Shareen Forbes & Professor Kevin Docherty Royal Society Of Edinburgh New and Future Therapies For Type 1 Diabetes
26/01/2017 Nancy Greig Apex Hotel A Personal Journey Through IBD
26/01/2017 Dr Ian Arnott Apex Hotel Inflammatory Bowel Disease
08/06/2017 Dr Jeremy Sayer Royal College Of Surgeons Cardiology
09/11/2017 Scott Cadger & Tony Bainbridge Apex Hotel Everything Changes But You
22/02/2018 Dr Russell Lane and Paul Blyth Apex Hotel Dementia
14/06/2018 Dr Maffia Glasshouse Hotel Atherosclerosis – The World’s Worst Serial Killer
14/06/2018 Julie Scott Glasshouse Hotel CHD – The Killer Questions
04/10/2018 Macmillan

Neil Southwick
Leonora Miles
Richard Manson
Alasdair Watt

Royal Society Of Edinburgh Cancer and Vulnerable Customers
04/10/2018 Support In Mind Scotland

Sarah-Jayne Whitson

Royal Society Of Edinburgh Presentation unavailable but link below is a useful resource to help manage stress and build resilience in the workplace. It includes the Wellbeing Workplan as referenced in Sarah-Jayne’s presentation. 

Managing stress and building resilience in the workplace

14/10/2018 Paul Hunt Royal Society Of Edinburgh Setting The Scene
24/01/2019 Bryan Conway Apex Hotel Kidney Disease Part 1
24/01/2019 Bryan Conway Apex Hotel Kidney Disease Part 2